Towers, Stacks and Piles of Books

Dear Reader,

I feel it would be remiss of me to not make mention of this article by Susan Harlan read on Literary Hub last week, being pro-pile as it is. No matter that in reality I have as many digital towers as physical. A pile, is a tower, is a stack, is a pile.


Lauren, Pile o’ Books

2 thoughts on “Towers, Stacks and Piles of Books

    • I personally walk a fine line between wanting the house to look cosy and wanting fewer ‘things’ lying around. These days, a lack of space does make one focus more on what you really need/want around you. I suppose one person’s important belongings are another’s stuff… I have a friend who lives surrounded by her husbands sci-fi model replicas and comic books. That would drive me crazy!

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