10,000 Thankyous

At some stage last weekend Pile o’ Books had it’s 10,000th viewing. I realise in the realm of the magical internet that such a statement lacks a little gravitas. When celebrities have millions of Twitter followers, what do 10,000 paltry little hits matter? Especially when some of them were probably accidental, many came from friends’ loyalty, and a lot of them really didn’t help those high school students write their essays about Dickens’ Hard Times?

Well, let’s (briefly) examine the significance of 10,000 as a number. Here is a list of other things I’d like 10,000 of in two and a half years:

* Little wedges of camembert on crackers

* Smiles from strangers

* Butterfly sightings

* Sips of champagne

And the things I wouldn’t like 10,000 of in two and a half years:

* stubbed toes

* mosquito bites

* flat tyres

* pizza menus shoved through the letterbox.

So this little ol’ blog may not rival Stephen Fry for global online interest but 10,000 views are still significant to me. And what I have loved most across these last two and half years is not only the reading and writing, but the discussion with like-minded folk, and the new authors, books and ideas those folk have helped me discover. So, thank you. Ten thousand times over.


3 thoughts on “10,000 Thankyous

  1. Congratulations! If the camembert comes and it turns out you can’t manage it all, I’d be only too happy to help! Hope all is well for you, we miss you. Keep blogging!

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