A Quick Note on Sydney Books

Anyone who has been reading Pile o’ Books this year will have worked out that I live in Sydney, Australia. I guess that seeing as I’m about to leave this fair city for a while (well, I think it will be for a while), it makes sense that I have my home town on my mind. How it’s fitting in to my mind what with all the general panic and extra work I’m piling on my plate (for the extra money), and of course the general Middlemarch avoidance, I don’t know. Perhaps it just sneaks through each morning as I drive to work and spy the city in the distance.

In any case, if you have found either of the recent posts on Peter Corris or Playing Beatie Bowe interesting, you may also like to check out these lists of Sydney books, recently put together by the city’s public broadcaster, ABC radio. One list is from critic Geordie Williamson, the other is compiled from listeners’ responses. It does not surprise me one bit that I had barely heard of some of the books on Williamson’s list and that I felt much more in sync with the listeners’ selections. Proving once again, as if it was needed, that I’m just an average-joe-of-the-people. Not that this bothers me. Sometimes it’s nice to hang with the crowd.

Here is the critic’s list: http://blogs.abc.net.au/nsw/2011/02/702-book-club-geordies-picks.html?site=sydney&program=702_mornings 

And here is the listeners’: http://blogs.abc.net.au/nsw/2011/02/702-book-club-top-10-books-about-sydney.html?site=sydney&program=702_mornings

No Peter Corris, but lots of Ruth Park. So perhaps I half-know what I’m talking about. Or perhaps I know what I’m talking about half of the time. What I know for sure is that I have no time for leisure-reading at the moment, which is saddening.  Middlemarch and I have agreed to take a break from each other, until things calm down a bit, but the second ‘Hunger Games’ book and I have paired up for a bit of a jaunt. So hopefully we’ll be back to our normal Pile o’ Books programming soon. (Don’t tell Catching Fire this but it’s far easier to read in little snatches and it’s not quite so taxing on my overloaded noggin.) In the meantime I can waffle on about all kinds of things, so the books babble, at least, can continue. And it will.

One thought on “A Quick Note on Sydney Books

  1. Catching Fire may be an escape from Middlemarch but it’s no escape, it’s another wild ride. Mockingjay, which you must and will read is the weakest of the 3. Btw, have you read The Book Thief?

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