W, X, Y and Z were Left on the Wayside

Time for a new year confession. And, no, there’s no juicy gossip about the stupid things I may or may not have done in 2010—let’s just say I’m having a rest from online dating, and leave it at that.

I wanted to simply acknowledge those books that were stoically standing in line all year and didn’t get a gurnsey. Not through any fault of their own, all through the fault of my crazy hectic existence. What can you do? Well, sigh big sighs and cry yourself  to sleep, or wipe off the dust of 2010 from your palms, flash a smile and give 2011 a big ol’ hug. I choose the latter. But for those curious readers, here are the books which were my intendeds.

W was for Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. A foray into graphic novels I’ve been looking forward to. Though I imagine the post may have been a discussion about how I find this form of book hard to read. I have not seen the film yet, having tried to save it for after I’ve read the novel.

X was for Xmas and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. If all had gone to plan I would have been posting on this in early December. Lucky we had The Twelve Days of Christmas to add some festive cheer. A year without Dickens is a sad thing. I may have to read at least two in 2011 to make up for it.

Y was for Yella. As in, ‘What are you, yella?’. Plus Elmore Leonard’s Hombre has a yellow cover. Call it a stretch if you like but I had been planning a weekend-reading of this classic western novel, immediately followed by a viewing of the classic western film starring Paul Newman. Possibly while drinking whiskey and eating some chilli made with a Paul Newman sauce.

Z was for Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Angel’s Game. Barcelona gothic. I really enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind. An indulgence of emotion and bookish things, all with a background of the paved streets of that beautiful city.

All these books will stay in the pile (there’s an approaching purge for reasons which will soon be explained) and will no doubt appear on this blog soon. Listing them has whetted my appetite for them all (particularly that Hombre scenario, I want to do that immediately). But first I’m continuing to shake off some 2010 dust. In a few days’ time I will be ready to wholeheartedly embrace the new year before us.


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