Next Book

‘Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…’

N is for New York.


2 thoughts on “Next Book

  1. I really like your blog – and like you I have a massive pile of books just waiting to be read. I know it’s not relevant to your post, but I was wondering how you liked being an editor in a publishing company?
    Is it fun? How did you get there? I’m sorry about all the questions but I am aspiring to become part of publishing house. If you want you can reply to me by email, but I don’t mind. Thank you!!!

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m one of those ridiculously lucky people who can say that they love their job. Not all the time (like everyone I sit at my desk and want to bash my head against the keyboard for ten minutes) but mostly. How did I get into publishing? I applied for an entry-level position and got it. But I guess leading up to that much of my life revolved around books, writing, reading and storytelling. I was lucky enough to get a job in an industry (and for a company) that suited me very well, but of course I’m not there ten years later because of luck. I’m happy to email you the longer, more boring, answer. Good luck with getting through your pile! 🙂

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