Time to Read

Last year Pile o’ Books packed their suitcase and schlepped off to Canada for six weeks for a whole bunch of fun, discovery, the odd tipple, and what felt like eons of time to stick one’s nose in a book (or seven). This year we’re away again, with swimmers and sandals replacing hoodies and hiking boots, for a week-long rest in Paradise. And so that most important of questions rears its head: what the feck are we taking to read?

Just exactly how many books can one read in a week? Well that all depends. As we’re lagging behind in our alphabetical challenge it seems tempting to answer: oh about a quarter of one, dontcha think, P o’ B? Well, erm, yes, I’ve been busy. Making books does not, unfortunately, lead to much time for personal book indulgence; but holidays do, and so the selection process begins.

Hopefully these screens will once more be chock-full of posts based on those wonderful stories read while on holiday. I’ve just got to decide what they will be. Working in the book-world the first thing colleagues ask when they know your trip is nigh is: what are you taking to read? It’s a Very Serious question in my office, akin to: have you got the right visa? And they look at you with a Very Serious expression as if the success of your trip will be jeopardised if you make a bad reading choice.

We’ve previously touched on the mythical equation for choosing holiday-reads, and I’m currently scratching figures on the back of an envelope and staring intently at my boxes of books (under the chimney) waiting for that magic combination to leap out and wallop me about the head (and hopefully meet our alphabetical imperative). Two big plane rides, six days by the pool, a big king-size bed to loll about in… I’m thinking five is the magic number. I’ll definitely get through three, will need a fourth to start on and it’s always advisable to take a spare, to cater for one’s swings of mood. 

Thailand here we come!


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