I sorted through my piles today – and cleaned off the chimney soot. That’s where your reading stacks end up when you move back to the folks’ house – in a disused fireplace. After the dusting and emptying of boxes, the reorganising and perhaps categorising, if we’re being honest here (so I’m slightly obsessive… it’s not like there were spreadsheets involved), I managed to relieve myself of about ten titles. Some I’ve had for a very long time and some I only bought last year but have had a change of heart. I laid out all the buggers on my bed (sans soot) and gave them a good hard stare. If the good hard stare resulted in a ‘Meh’-kinda feeling, they got discarded. Ten minutes later about three got rescued and were let back in to the fold. I may have been rash with those ones, I told myself.

All up? Ninety-one books I really want to read. Really.

Best get to it then. The Letter B is coming soon… Really.


2 thoughts on “Purging

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