Ah, Sebastian!

I read when I go away for my holidays (as you all know from past dispatches), but when mooching around the house on the Christmas break, reading seems like a bit too lengthy a commitment to make when you only have 10 days to get as much sun, sleep, sea, dvd-watching, ham-eating and mince-pie-scoffing as possible completed before putting your game face back on and trundling on in to the office. Though of course there’s always at least one book on the go and what better book to indulge in while reaching for another Gaytime (that’s an ice-cream for you global readers) than the next book in the Sebastian St Cyr series – Where Serpents Sleep. Oh yes, our heartbroken hero returns, scouring the streets of Mad George’s London in his buckskin breeches for all sorts of filthy murderers, this time with an unexpected (or was it so unexpected?) ally.  Our wonderful viscount still spends many a paragraph reflecting in his hip bath or having very legitimate reasons for getting shirtless and all manly and brave, and we love it, love it, love it.

See a post on the previous title here (and note that Pile o’ Books worked on the first two Sebastian St Cyr mysteries in their Australian form). Oh and if you haven’t worked it out, this is one of the brand new mini-posts. We start with the letter A next!

One thought on “Ah, Sebastian!

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