Pile o’ Books in 2010: The new challenge

So this came to me while feeling a bit lonely in Quebec City, scribbling away in a hostel bar listening to Bob Marley. (Gawd, I have become one of those bores who starts every conversation with ‘When I was overseas…’ – apologies – no more). But the idea, scrawled across a page in my journal and headed P’o’B 2010 was this: Let’s alphabetise!

Why so much excitement about the ABCs? Well: I am an editor and we like things to be in order; my high school job was shelving books in a library; I actually enjoy checking indexes as part of my job (truly); and I was the best in my Spanish class at reciting the Castilian alphabet. So why not follow in the footsteps of  two of my favourite things – Sesame Street and new discovery Edward Gorey – and do the ABC of Pile o’ Books.

The fun, people, the fun, will be in how we progress through the alphabet. The greater the ease for your intrepid blogger as it means completing a book a fortnight – though we may play with our format a little and add some mini-posts between the main ones.

So straighten up those catalogue cards and start practising your eminen-oh-pees. And don’t forget to tell your friends, add a link to your own page, do some sky-writing etc.


One thought on “Pile o’ Books in 2010: The new challenge

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