2009 Pile o’ Books: The Aftermath

Hello twenty-ten. And goodbye first year of the Pile o’ Books experiment. How did we do, my squinting, bookmark-creasing, paper-cut fingered, ink-breathing brethren?

For those numerate of you, you will know there are 52 weeks in a year and we only blogged on 35 books. Is that a C grade? Pile o’ Books means well but could try harder? Pile o’ Books would do better in class if she just stopped talking so much?  My rude mathematics reckons it’s two-thirds of a book a week. Maybe that’s a B minus. And you know what, dear loyal readers (especially you hard cores – bless you!) I’m quite happy with that. That’s 35 books I haven’t worked on which I read this year. Through general toil and workaholism, relationship break-ups, moving house, travelling extravaganzas and all their distractions, and shared custody of a very handsome dog, there were always the books.

And there will always be the books. Isn’t that a warm and cosy thought? Whether they come in paper form, on e-readers or in some kind of Saunders-esque chip in our heads, there will always be more books to read and add to the pile. So much to read, so many worlds to explore, characters to love and hate, emotions to feel, philosophies to process, things to learn, dabnabbit.

Pile o’ Books will carry on in 2010, with my knapsack on my shoulder and a wad of pages in my hand, but with a slightly different challenge. Stay tuned and thanks so much for reading.


2 thoughts on “2009 Pile o’ Books: The Aftermath

  1. Hi,
    Just found your blog and love that you are doing A-Z with style.
    Going through your old posts I note that last year you attempted the 52 books – fantastic effort getting to 35! I am dreaming of reaching such a large number as I attempt this challenge in 2010.
    Very much enjoyed reading your posts. And *snap* on the wordpress theme…looks pretty great if I may say so.
    I look forward to keeping in touch with your blog and will pop you in my favourites to make sure I do.
    Carolyn in Adelaide
    FYI – my blog is carolyndonaghey.wordpress.com

    • Good luck, Carolyn. It’s certainly possible! And thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it – the Misty theme is a good one! I’ll check out your blog for sure.

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