How wording can change things, but not really

As we’re a little behind in the great 52 weeks-52 books experiment, I’ve decided to number entries as ‘Book 4’ rather than ‘Week 4’. Mostly so that I don’t have to keep pulling out a calendar to work out how many books I am supposed to have read and how many weeks behind I am. I’m hoping at some stage, when I actually have some time off work in the next month or so that we will be able to catch up and the weeks and books will be in sync. Hopefully by the end of the year, as we’re all still recovering from Christmas madness, I will pecking out the entry for Book 52. But at least this way I feel like I am putting less pressure on myself and this somewhat crazy modern life we all lead, though of course, the next 48 books are still waiting in the wings, and that’s okay – I look forward to devouring each and every one of them.


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