52 weeks, 52 books

You’ve all got one. A pile of books next to the bed, desk, armchair, etc.  that are your intendeds – those books you plan to read this week, month, year or just soon. I have three different piles. One is for work (I work in publishing) and contains mostly loose manuscript pages of those texts I should be reading. The second is for pleasure and my general edification – it is enormous and sits on my study floor . The third is a subset of that – those books I really want to read as soon as I can, just as soon as I have the time and get through those titles in pile one that I really should get to first.

But back to that second pile. For starters it is actually two towers of about 80 books all together. Every year I add to it, and every year I never get through as many of them as I had hoped and planned to. And because of this, every year these towering colums get a little bit taller, even though I have read quite a few of the books and even though every December  I get rid of a couple because they have been in the pile for eight years and I have finally come to terms that I will never read them, or don’t really want to. Well, enough is enough. I need to make a big dent (so i can fill it back up again with more books) so I’ve decided I need to commit to one book a week for the next year. Not unheard of, not a new scheme for me even (I tried last year) but being the diligent soul that I am, the responsibility of having to record my thoughts , feelings and numerous tangential wonderings of each book, each week will hopefully rouse me to action.

I do not take up this task with heavy heart. In fact part of the ‘plan’ is to help me do more of what I enjoy doing (reading, relaxing and escaping into my imagination) instead of working, doing housework, trying to be a ‘good’ partner, friend, colleague, daughter, sister, neighbour, citizen, dog owner and worrying about working, housework and being a ‘good’ partner, friend, colleague, daughter, sister, neighbour, citizen, dog owner.

Will I succeed? Who knows? Who cares?! Let’s see what happens. I’d love to hear other readers’ comments as each week progresses. Let’s work through the pile together.


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